For strong and beautiful skin

For strong and beautiful skinAll of us are trying to have strong and beautiful skin…

At first glance beautiful skin often becomes too dry, cracked or oily, prone to redness, skin irritations and rashes. The solution is not in expensive cosmetic products, it is in what we put on the table.

How to eat to forget about dermatological problems? The skin is the organ with the largest volume in the body, performing multiple functions – protects us from negative environmental factors of microbes, y- rays, heat, cold. Moreover, it plays an essential role in metabolism.

A specialist can easily recognize our health problems by looking at our skin – such as the plague of pancreatic cars and disbacteriosis  worsen the color of the face, provoking various irritations, blemishes and so on..

Cosmetics brings only short-term and temporary solution. If you want your skin to look good permanently, you must change the way you eat, especially your diet:

Give up fried, smoked and canned products and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables – that will equip the body with vitamins. It is necessary to ensure enough protein and fat. Proteins increase the tone of the skin, and deficiency can cause difficult healing wounds and cracks in the skin. Fatty acids (omega-3 and 6 are in the oily sea fish and avocados) are vital for the absorption of vitamin “A”, which is responsible for skin renewal. Of them depend smoothness and skin color, and the absence of wrinkles. Vitamin C (which are rich citrus) activates the synthesis of collagen. All vitamins “B” play a huge role in the healthy appearance of the skin. You will find them in legumes, spinach, nuts, eggs, liver, milk, meat by-products, whole-grain bread.

To make your skin smooth and young, you needs vitamin “E”. To obtain it, consume unrefined vegetable oils, nuts, leafy vegetables, peas, tomato, eggplant, carrots. Pleasant appetite and beautiful skin!



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