The power of having pets in home

The power of having pets in home

Most people are very attached to their pets…

Having pets in home awake joy and attachment. But the question “what to choose?” appears immediately…

For thousands of years the dog is a true 4 legged friend. Differently to cats, they surround us with positive energy, which they connect to the one of their owner. Exactly for that reason some of them acquire part of the individuality of their owner and when we say ‘’ the dog is the same as its owner’’ we mean exactly this. We all know the dog serve to the human in different ways and depending on the breed, the education and on the purpose it is raised.

Dogs have very individual characters depending on their breed, the level of comprehension and training . But even one untrained dog has sharp senses and instincts, that are never wrong.

Even aquarium fishes a benefit at home.

They are not like the cat and the dog, you can squish them or pet them behind the ears. If you are too busy at work, but still want a living soul at home, this is the solution. Many interviewed people who have aquariums with fish in their houses say that they provide them with optical tranquility when they get home after a busy day. Staring at their smooth and harmonious movements and their beautiful colors brings comfort and reduce tension. Moreover, the commitment to maintain the aquarium is minimal. Feeding takes only seconds, and the cleaning is once a week and even more rarely if you use some modern filters.

Parrots require active contact to attach themselves to you.

You should know that they are very musical, intelligent and entertaining birds. Even small parrots that are difficult to train have their language that they speak with each other or with you. Be sure that in whatever mood you go home, they will express their joy when they see you. They will tweet and communicate with you depending on what they want or what they try to tell by different ways – whistling, yelling and all sorts of fun sounds. They are the type of animals that you can’t cuddle with and squish, but your home won’t be dull or monotonous. Moreover by caring for the birds, the children will learn some discipline. They will know that every living soul needs food, water and attention.

Many people have no idea that not only we take care of the pets, but they also take care for us. Animals have beneficial psychological and medical effects on humans since the ancient times.

Nowadays we like to grow pets at home because they improve the atmosphere and become our loyal and faithful friends. It is well known that most animals have a highly developed instincts which detect the smallest changes in climate, nature, home, health and mood of the owner. Therefore, we must not only expect the animal to learn and to adapt to our home, but also it is good and we must learn to read its signals to us.

If you have or want to take a cat, you should know that the purring creature is able to absorb the negative energy. Playful and loving it will always try to warn you by its behavior that something is changing even before it happens, especially if is connected to you. When the owner of the cat has a health problem, it unmistakably as a scanner captures the area or the affected organ through the changes in the energy impulses that it radiate. It will come to you and lie in the problematic zone and it will not only absorb the negative energy but also warm your body.

Their body temperature is 39 degrees in a normal state of health. Cats know how, in some mysterious and still unsolved way, to transform negative energy and release themselves of it. No coincidently they like to sit on refrigerators, washing machines, microwave, all sources of negative waves. The strength of the cat lies in its electromagnetic field with low-frequency current, which is generated by the friction of the hair. Research shows that these vibrations help the fast recover of cat’s cells and regeneration of tissues. Cats purr not only from pleasure but when they have gotten some injury.

Cats are loving, affectionate, helpful and friendly animals. They affect owners only if they want to and if they are attached to them. The fluffy animals feel the care, love and the affection of their well-doer and will reply with the same attitude. That’s why you should love your pets and they will reply with the same.

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