On a walk with a pet

On a walk with a petThink about how good is to go out in the early mornings – the two of you, with your dog – to move a little and relax in the fresh air! The joint jogging, cheerful game, giving commands and giving sweets are the easiest way your pet feel as an essential part of your world. This is very important in order to create in him a harmonious and peaceful character.

Walking outside is also big opportunity to teach it when and where to go to the toilet. Going out is also a big reward for the good behavior of the dog.

Most of the dogs, especially the so called official breeds, such as German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, need to execute commands – “Fetch,” “Wait,” “Go ahead.” Take with you a suitable toy for your dog to bring – stick or a ball. Most dogs really enjoy doing this when you praise them for the good executed commands. So – do it!

Unlike the service dogs, those of hunting breed (as setter and beagle) and northern (like Husky and Samoyed) need long runs. It is good to take a long walk if not daily, then at least every other day. It will help you rest and it will bring strong emotions and joy with your four-legged companion.

It is very good if the owner of the dog rides a bike. This way the pass off distance with the dog will be longer. To create a mutually beneficial workout you should train your dog to run alongside the bicycle.

Dogs need contact and play with friendly in nature fellows. Decide where and when you can release off the lash your pet, complying with regulations of the municipality. Be careful when you meet with aggressive dog or pack. It is important for your dog to stay close to you, and you can arm yourself with a stick or stone and to inspire in it calmness and authority.

Rules for outside your home : Training makes the dog more easily walked and the goings out – more pleasant. It should follow you constantly, to respond to the call and have a well-practiced “stop” command. It is necessary if it is more than 10 kg, to teach it to wear a muzzle. This way you will be sure that there won’t be any incidents and you will provide peace for the other people. Also you will keep it from swallowing garbage. Those of us who love animals will show responsibility toward others, if during the walk they carry a bag and a glove for cleaning up after the dog.

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